Monday, March 14, 2011

More Attacks on Polgar on USCF's Forums

My reply:

All Truong and Polgar wanted was their day in court. It is not their fault that the justice system costs so much money. They were as victimized by the absurd costs to get a verdict as anyone else.

Justice ought to not be just for the rich, nor should it be so costly as to be unobtainable. BL, I wrote a lot of my desire for the truth to come out and you and your's spent much time deriding that. There ought to have been a trial and there ought to have been a verdict. BL, you also wrote much here speculating on how deep SP's pockets were and the impact that would have. How deep or shallow their pockets were should not have been important to obtaining a verdict.

Blaming them for the costliness of trials and verdicts is burdening them with societal problems that are outside of their control.

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