Sunday, February 27, 2011

Election Year Again

Yes, again. They seem to be having one every year now. Already the trashing has begun. Sevan Murdian is an International Abritrator for the World Chess Federation and runs many tournaments both International and Local. He's been tagged as being pro-Susan Polgar (he's not really, but whatever) so he's being attacked in the usual fashion. Investigations have uncovered a cell phone having gone off in one of his tournaments (he disciplined the player) and of course, the usual personal pecedillos. They had to do a lot of digging to find them but with a sufficient amount of ruthlessness and determination, I gues water can be struck, no matter how deep they got sink the shaft.

Meanwhile, Gary Walters, another candidate is skating right through because he has never done anything - no experience in chess clubs, state organizations, tournament directing, so there's nothing to criticize.

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