Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chess Blogging: Why So Little?

The Georgia Society of CPA's launched a blog last week and I contributed a few posts to help them get started. This one was about blogging versus chatting and I used the USCF's activities as an example of the behavior. As you can see, while USCF politics was discussed therein, it really wasn't about that. Rather, I addressed this question: why is it so hard for people to blog?

I think that this is especially of interest to the chess community. Chess in the US needs all the promotion that it can get.

Here's the link to the CPA Society's post: GSCPA

And don't forget about the Chess Blog Carnival coming up at the end of this month. (Plug!)

Footnote: While I did not mention names in that post, the chess community will recognize the references to Brian Lafferty and Brian Mottershead. Not important to the point of my posting, just FYI here in this forum.

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  1. Chess in the U.S. needs all the promotion that it can get??? In principle I agree, but in terms of fact, there are very few hobbyists or volunteers around to promote the game, just those with huge political and other self-interest baggage. Since the USCF was formed, more have attempted to tear it down than build a stronger national, state and local consensus. Most chess players do not want to have anything to do with the politics connected with many blogsites, a shame.

    Stephen Dann