Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SPICE Craziness at USCF

Will somebody please explain to those poor opinionators at the USCF that more goes on behind the scenes at a FIDE tournament than just playing and directing? They're saying that since the tournament has started, Paul has nothing to do, since he's only the organizer so he should be working on the lawsuits instead.

What do organizers do behind the scenes (non-TD work) while an international chess tournament is in progress? Will someone help list some of these things to those folks at the USCF?


  1. Jack, I think that the main problem is that the USCF already agreed (at the request of Truong's counsel) to a delay of almost 3 months in taking Paul's deposition, and now the deadline for discovery is looming. If Paul were to say something like "give me an extra week so I can finish managing the tournament," he might not have these problems. Maybe, I'm only speculating. Point is we'll never know, because Truong is, through his counsel, asking not for another week but for another 2 *months* of delay, IIRC.

    It is quite likely that the discovery that takes place at the deposition will prompt more research and follow-on discovery requests. Delaying the deposition another 2 months would make follow-up discovery almost impossible. The request for 2 months of further delay thus appears to an attempt to run out the clock and beat back effective discovery by the USCF.

    And that would color the perspective of those opinionators you cite.

  2. Actually, this is part two of what is usually a 3 part dance.

    Part 1: X jerks Y around about scheduling a deposition.

    Part 2. Y loses patience, and notices the deposition for a time known to be very inconvenient to X.

    Part 3. X reevaluates his calendar, and an opening magically appears to reschedule the deposition at a mutually convenient time.

    It doesn't always happen that way, but those are the usual dance steps.

  3. Give the guy a week until the SPICE tournament is over and then I will support you guys on this. But why attack the guy now?

    Okay, we all know why. A major FIDE 15 tournament is on; he's committed; and hence now he's vulnerable.

  4. And if USCF trys to notice the dep for after the tourament, and Troung claims that he will be out of the country. Then what?

    Seriously, per the reports, Truong has been acting like a jerk about scheduling his deposition, and has been for some time. That kind of behavior has consequences.

    As I noted previously, I predict that Mr. Truong and his attorney will find another, more convenient time, to become available. If they take that sensible course, then the whole tempest in a teapot will blow over.

    If not? Well, to put it crudely, if you don't want to be bitch slapped, stop acting like a bitch.