Thursday, August 6, 2009


I watched the video of the USCF legal issues workshop posted here. Thanks to Terry Vibbert for recording and posting the meeting.

I didn't learn all that much, but, at the end of the USCF litigation workshop, Bill Hall disclosed some new information on the hacked emails. USCF can document several instances where Susan Polgar quoted verbatim from hacked emails shortly after the hacking, and before the hacked emails appeared elsewhere on the net.


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  1. For readers who want to hear Bill Hall's presentation without wading through all 17 segments (and their half-gig of data), the relevant portion starts at about 2:45 of segment 16 and lasts pretty much to the end. An interesting fact is that Polgar quoted verbatim from the hacked emails as she was composing her own emails to other Board members, such as Goichberg and Hough. Then the hacked emails would appear a week or 2 later on (a now defunct blog).

    Another very interesting point: Polgar claimed in legal filings that her source of the documents was, she claimed, had been set up by one or more USCF board members. The documentation that Google produced under subpoena, however, shows that the founder/admin of uscfsaid had an IP address in the U. Washington network. And who belonged to said U. Washington network? One Gregory Alexander.