Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preliminary votes make it look like a landslide

Per Mike Nolan, with just over half the state counted:

Jim Berry 1829
Bill Goichberg 1826
Ruth Haring 1802
Mike Atkins 1569
Mikhael Korenman 483
Eric Hecht 420
Mike Nietman 400
Sam Sloan 360
Blas Lugo 358
Brian Lafferty 348
Brian Mottershead 252
Various Write-ins 75

Looks like a landslide in the making for the Candidates endorsed by Goichberg. The worst of them still has 3 times the votes of his nearest rival.


  1. Two initial thoughts:
    -On the Polgar candidates, Texas has yet to be counted.
    -On Mottershead, Massachusetts has yet to be counted.

    I don't think much of either state making enough difference to catch them up, but they could make the totals respectable for one or two candidates.

    Another thing, ~11% returns? The fact that 88%+ of the eligible voting membership did not care to cast a vote in this troubled year tells me that OMOV needs a serious overhaul, if not a complete dismantling.

  2. Any system that elects Sam Sloan to the board is seriously flawed.