Sunday, March 8, 2009

Most Of Us Only Want

“Most of us only want” seems to be a continuing battle cry from those in USCF leadership to justify their ongoing lobbying. Because of this USCF governance can be viewed as a saga of a handful of individuals who put their personal interests or beliefs above nonprofit best practice or the interest of the organization. We have the appearance that our leaders often focus on trying to promote what they personally feel the purpose of the USCF should be but not what it actually is.

It is important to note that nonprofit corporations are organized to achieve specific objectives or purposes, which are generally set forth in the organization's by-laws and charters. Adherence to the purposes of the organization is critical as they form the basis for the corporation's tax exemption and, thus, its status as a nonprofit entity.

It appears many in USCF leadership only seem to state what they feel the interests of the membership are, but never ask the general membership. Two key concepts underlying Six Sigma are a focus on the customer and a fact based management style. Accordingly, the best way to discover what the membership values most is to ask them. Too often board members unilaterally decide what is best for the USCF membership. If one's primary focus is really on the membership than you ask or confirm with that membership what you should do on their behalf. The greatest defect is failing to deliver what the membership wants. Ultimately to be successful organization must align itself to the wishes of its owners – the dues paying membership.

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